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Founded in 2004, Pet Society belongs to a group that has been operating since 1986 in the human pharmaceutical and cosmetic markets, always bringing innovation and acting with strong corporate values such as respect to others and zero discrimination.

Pet Society is one of the most recognized brands in the pet market, not only in Brazil but also in the several countries where the company is present. We work combining extensive scientific knowledge in the areas of ingredients and safe formulations to the needs of the veterinary market. Pet Society seeks not only to create exclusive, high quality products, but also to bring new concepts that benefit and help modernize the pet market.

Pet Society has the most modern plant for animal hygiene and health products in Latin America, where we work with rigorous international standards of good manufacturing practices, prioritizing the safety of our employees and following strict rules of environmental control.

Pet Society also has a branch in Florida - USA, and currently exports its products to more than 39 countries, becoming a world reference in the pet market.

Beliefs and values
Our mission is to develop innovative and safe products to contribute to the development of the pet market, creating value for everyone involved in our operations. We also believe that Pet Society should be a good school for those who work there. We want our work to result in increased interaction and respect between pets and their owners.

Our vision is to be a reference of quality and innovation in the countries where we operate, offering innovative products that positively surprise our customers.

 Honesty and transparency in relationships with employees, suppliers, and customers.
 Respect for others, regardless of sex, color, or social position.
 Social and environmental responsibility as an active agent of the society where we operate.
 Continuous innovation in all areas of the company.
 Constant search for excellence in customer service.

Our Product Lines
We believe that bath time can be a moment to reinforce the bonds of love and care between guardian and pet, so for this important moment, nothing better than a safe, practical and fun line that will leave your partner with beautiful, smelly and even more delicious fur.

The Beeps brand is pure fun, with only human cosmetic grade ingredients adapted for pets. They are products that clean and treat the hair, without damaging the animal's skin, and perfume it with delicious scents. The products, besides being practical and safe, have concentrated formulation that yield twice as much!

Beeps' packages are fun, anatomic and whose labels print volunteer dogs from the Instituto Cão Terapeuta, which, just like Beeps, promote happiness and welfare for people. Part of the sales of the products is transferred to the Institute. Thus, when consuming Beeps products, you take care of your best friend and help those who need it most!

Beeps, the best friend of the bath!

Megamazon is a line of animal hygiene and embellishment that was especially developed to keep the perfect balance between efficiency and preservation of the environment.

With an eco-friendly concept, our products have a powerful bond with nature and count on biodegradable formulations, free of parabens and dyes. The packaging is 100% recyclable and the formulas are concentrated so that we use less packaging, reducing the impact on the environment. The products in the Megamazon line have natural extracts that ensure the best results and high performance, all with surprising scents typical of tropical forest fruits, which are a true invitation to connect with nature in the care of your best friend.

Megamazon - the perfect connection with nature!

Pet Society Super Premium is a differentiated line for owners who seek excellence and sophistication for their pets.

Its formulas are developed with noble ingredients, high performance and technology that provide the best and most lasting results for the most demanding guardians with surprising effects of hydration and shine in the animal's coat. In addition, they have unique fragrances, inspired by prestigious international perfumeries, all this with exclusive packaging, which reinforces the sophistication and exclusivity of the line.

Pet Society Super Premium - to be present anywhere, because your pet deserves it!

PS Care is a brand designed and developed to ensure the cleaning and disinfection of environments where pets live, ensuring complete hygiene of the living spaces between humans and pets, thus helping to strengthen the ties between animals and guardians, with efficiency, practicality and high performance.

Developed based on high technology of ingredients and materials, PSCare products are differentiated and contribute to increase the relationship of the human being with his pet and ensure a safe, practical and efficient cleaning. Because who is part of the family, does not need to mark territory at home!

PSCare - you love, we take care!


High performance products for the grooming industry. More information on the site.

Gentle and natural products for the prevention of diseases. They seek to bring greater well being to animals. More information on the site.


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