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With 16 years of manufacturing experience, JARGEM Scissors&Tools Co., Ltd has been satisfying customer needs in the professional hairdressing and dog grooming scissors market.Founded in 2005, the company has grown to become one of the largest manufacturers in the hairdressing and dog grooming scissors market and is a market leader in North Europe, South America and North America.

Their products are made of stainless steel and their premium products are forged from Japanese and Swedish Damascus steel. The company has set up a very strict control system throughout the entire production cycle to ensure Jargem's core quality.

Product life (blade sharpness) is calculated at cutting time. For the different steel grades, the following life is guaranteed for correct use at cutting time:

China 440C 150 000x

Japan 440C 300 000x

Japan VG10 600 000x

Superme Cobalt Alloy 650 000x

The exclusive domestic distributor of Jargem products is Monofox Ltd.

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