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Why choose Hydra products?

06/06/2023 12:00:00 AM
Why choose Hydra products?

Hydra is the professional line of Pet Society, a Brazilian company with over 16 years in the Pet market.
Safe and effective products approved by leading industry professionals.
Gentle and luxurious formulas that are PH balanced to care for the health and safety of your pets’ skin and coat.
High performance products that are developed with cutting edge techanology.
Made from cosmetic-grade raw materials and ingredients, which are sourced and created with the same standards of safety found in human-grade skin and haircare products.
Free of salt, avoiding dryness in the skin and coat.
Special active ingredients help speed up the drying time of the coat, making drying an easy, comfortable and stress-free experience for your pet.
Hydra Professional offers products for specialized services and coat enhancement, including restructuring keratin treatments, deep conditioning hair masks, color enhancement and more.
Guaranteed traceability. All the products are analyzed for safety (physical,chemical and microbiological tests) before being released for sale. Ensuring a safe and affective product every time.