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Dog perfume

Even with regular bathing and grooming, dog perfume is much more effective than shampoo at removing animal odours. Thanks to its highly concentrated formula, it provides a long-lasting fragrance. It also makes dogs' coats much shinier. 

Our range includes a really wide selection of Hydra Forever and Pet Spa colognes, specially designed for dog groomers. So, whether you're into floral, fruity or sweeter scents, you're sure to find the ideal dog perfume for your salon guests.

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While you'll do your best to make sure your four-legged friend's coat smells as good as possible thanks to the shampoo, using a dog perfume will ensure a much longer-lasting scent.

All of the Hydra colognes in our online cosmetics range, specially formulated for groomers, have a highly concentrated formula, so they'll be the ideal finishing touch after a full grooming session. 

Hydra colognes are available in a range of fragrances

Hydra dog perfumes are available in a really wide range of fragrances in our online store - from floral to fruity aromas to sweeter scents. So you're sure to find the one that will win you over.

But it's also not impossible to find more than one cologne to choose from. Not only will you be catering to your own preferences, but you'll also be catering to the needs of the four-legged guests who visit your salon.

Advice for using dog perfume

Although you will have been told in your dog groomer's training, we would like to emphasise that dog perfume should be used with care. Before spraying it on your four-legged guests, we recommend that you do a test on a small surface to make sure that you don't have any allergic reactions!

If you find that the product is safe to use, you can start spraying it gently on the dog. Keep the bottle about 15 to 20 centimetres away from him, and while doing this it is important to avoid the more sensitive areas such as his genitals, around his eyes and nose, and other surfaces not covered with hair!

In case you don't feel confident enough to do this properly, a good way to do it is to spray perfume on your own hands and rub it over the dog's fur.

Got a question?

If you have any questions about any of the above or our products in general, please feel free to contact us using one of the contact details listed in the webshop. We will try to answer everything to the best of our ability and help you make the best possible decision.