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Dog shears

An important part of grooming dogs is coat maintenance, for which you can find straight, curved, thinning and chunker shears in our online shop. With the straight version you can trim the entire coat and cut out tangles.

And the longer blade of the curved scissors will help you cut curves more efficiently and work well on larger breeds, which will mean faster progress through the process. And as for the thinning and chunker shears, they can help you create levels and make transitions on different parts of the body.

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The only way to create a really great hairstyle for the pets that visit your groomer is to have some quality scissors in your repertoire, of which you can find several different versions in our online shop.

Use straight or curved ends as clippers! We recommend the 15-23 cm size, but for larger surfaces to be trimmed or for larger dogs, you can get a larger pair of scissors.

And with thinning and chunking scissors, usually with single or double-sided teeth, similar to those found in hairdressing salons, you can achieve a really nice texture on clipped or trimmed hair.

Whatever tool you need, you're sure to find the perfect piece among our professional dog grooming supplies!

Our online shop offers only premium quality scissors

Because we know how important outstanding tools are for a good job, we've tried to keep quality in mind when compiling our selection. 

All the scissors we stock have a precise and ergonomic non-slip design, and a polished cutting edge or a bolted clamping system that is ground smooth or razor-sharp. Some even come with a soft stop and removable finger rest.

How to use different dog grooming scissors?

If you're a seasoned professional, you can skip this part. However, if you're just learning the trade, be sure to read our advice on using different dog grooming scissors.

Let's start with the straight scissors!

If you want a nice even cut and don't want to tire your hands out too quickly, make sure you only push your finger into the hole up to the first fingertip! And when opening the scissors, move your thumb up and down!

Let's continue with the thinning and chunker scissors!

It's important to always start in one area when thinning, then gradually move in a different direction and use the scissors on that area until you see that it's completely even.

Let's also say a few words about using curved scissors!

Once you've finished with the general cutting and thinning, take the curved scissors in your hand and in one decisive movement, work your way from the beginning to the end of the curve to create a distinctive curved style.

Finally, here are some tips on how to use them!

If you want to avoid falling off, which can kill the edge of your tools at any time, we recommend keeping your scissors in a safe place.

But you should also remember to clean them regularly, as this will greatly extend their lifespan. Remove hair and other dirt after every cut!

It's also a good idea to drizzle 1-2 drops of oil into the screws at the base of the scissor handles every day to help the handles move more easily. And we won't even mention regular sharpening of the blades, as it's the most essential thing.