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MIGA Left handed Curved chunker dog grooming scissors 35T 7” (17,5 cm) - Jargem

€ 77.14 (€ 60.74 + VAT)
Availability: Pre-order
  • Material: 440C stainless steel
  • Hardness: 59.5~60.5 HRC
  • Size : 7" (17.5 cm) + finger holder - cutting edge length: 9 cm
  • Handle : symmetric
  • Blades: curved chunker
  • Number of teeth: 35
  • Cutting: 50%
  • Screw: flat screw mechanism
  • Colour: silver
  • Finger rest: double-sided
  • Weight: 64 g
€ 77.14 (€ 60.74 + VAT)
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2 rating
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Remek olló! Csak ajánlani tudom a balkezeseknek!
Nagyon vártam ezt az ollót, hiszen balkezes hajlított chunker ollót máshol még nem láttam.
Ez az olló hihetetlen könnyű, mesésen vág, nem tolja a szőrt. Pont olyan, mint amiről egy balkezes álmodik :)
Imádom! Sok – sok ” velem van a baj” hogy tolja a szőrt az olló vagy összeakad az olló után jó tudni, hogy csak nem a megfelelő olló volt a kezemben legyen az chunker vagy akár hajlított chunker :)


Jargem MIGA left-handed curved chunker shears with narrow and sharp teeth. Thanks to the combination of serrated and curved edges, it is excellent for versatile use, for shaping curved surfaces beautifully, for working on transitions. Thanks to this solution, it can be used on any coat type and achieve a beautiful, natural finish, including poodles, Maltese, shih-tzu, bichon, kerryblue terrier, lagotto, etc. Recommended for beginner groomers!

Jargem is a manufacturer of high quality dog grooming and hairdressing scissors. All scissors are handmade and go through many rigorous inspection stages before they reach the end user, ensuring Jargem's core quality. Good quality, hard steel, reliability and an affordable price are the brand's biggest advantages. All scissors are delivered to you packed in a stylish cardboard box with magnetic closure.


Left-handed Yes
Edge type of chunker Curved
Edge type Chunker