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LOLLY – Left handeded, chunker dog grooming scissors, 26T, 7” (18 cm) – Razorline

€ 66.82 (€ 52.62 + VAT)
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  • Material: stainless steel, SUS440C
  • Hardness: 59-61 HRC
  • Design: left-handed
  • Grip: off-set
  • Blades: concave ground, hand sharpened, razor sharp
  • Tooth: fork grinding, straight nailing
  • Number of teeth: 26 T
  • Size: 7", overall - 18 cm, cutting edge - 8,5 cm
  • Weight: 75 g
  • Colour: silver
  • Screw: adjustable ball bearing screw mechanism
  • Single-sided fixed finger rest
  • With removable rubber constriction ring
€ 66.82 (€ 52.62 + VAT)
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Tökéletes olló!
Egyszerűen imadom- tökéletesen kézre áll ❤️
Lolly balkezes chunker ollót rendeltem és egyszerűen Imádom! Ajánlom mindenkinek. :)
Lolly balkezes chunker ollót rendeltem, remek olló, csak ajánlani tudom! ❤️

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The Razorline Lolly is a left-handed, off-set design, with excellent weight distribution, lightweight, chunker scissors. It features a concave-ground blade, fork grind and straight-angled teeth for comfortable dog clipping. The edges of the scissors are razor-sharp and do not push the hairs away, resulting in a damage-free cutting surface. Thanks to the ball-bearing system, the blades can be finely adjusted to fit together. Its handle design helps to maintain a correct scissor grip, making it comfortable to use.  This comfort is enhanced and reduced by the finger rest and removable finger rings. These special thinning scissors are a great help in achieving a beautiful coat. Its use is recommended for all surface shearing breeds, or for non-surface shearing breeds for trimming columnar legs, shaping the bottom line, working neck edges and rotors, in both hard and soft hair.

SUS440C is made from stainless steel, the strongest steel, with more carbon and proper heat treatment for a much longer life. Shears made from this material require less sharpening, with a life 3-5 times that of conventional shears.


Left-handed Yes
Edge type Thinning
Edge type of thinner Straight