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KIRA curved dog grooming scissors 7,5” (19 cm) - Jargem

€ 74.56 (€ 58.71 + VAT)
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  • Material: 440C stainless steel
  • Hardness: 59.5~60.5 HRC
  • Size : 7.5 " (19 cm) - cutting edge length: 10 cm
  • Handle : symmetrical
  • Blades: curved
  • Screw : flat screw
  • Colour: silver - matt
  • Finger rest: double-sided
  • Weight: 63g
€ 74.56 (€ 58.71 + VAT)
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Tökéletes olló! Gyors szállítás! Csak ajánlani tudom
Megérkezett, csodálatos.
Mekka és Kira abszolút szerelem!
Szuper ollo, igazán éles és megfelelő a súlya. <3


Jargem KIRA are lightweight, chrome-plated dog grooming scissors with narrow, curved, very sharp premium 440C steel blades with a hardness of 59.5-60.5 HRC. This is the strongest steel, which with more carbon and proper heat treatment, allows for a life span 3-5 times longer than conventional steel scissors, so you need to sharpen significantly less. Its precisely curved blade makes it perfect for shearing curves.

It has an excellent balance and fits perfectly in the hand, guaranteeing a high level of comfort. Suitable for beginners and professionals alike. Especially recommended for those who prefer thin-bladed shears. It is equipped with a double-sided twist-off finger holder. It comes packed in an elegant cardboard box with magnetic closure to protect the product.


Edge type Curved