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Aluminium comb with 80/20 tooth density (24 cm) - black

€ 16.77 (€ 13.20 + VAT)
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This aluminium main comb is incredibly lightweight, strong and flexible with teeth split 80/20 (thin to dense). This helps to easily pick and break up knots. The sparser-toothed part of the comb can be used to highlight hairs, helping to achieve a uniform, beautiful surface cut. The denser part helps to locate knots and to form any bobby pins. It is recommended for the grooming of all surface trimming breeds of dogs.

  • Colours: blue, black, gold, purple
  • Material: aluminium handle, stainless steel teeth
  • Size: 24 cm
  • Tooth density: 80/20 rare/dense
  • Tooth length: 3,5 cm
€ 16.77 (€ 13.20 + VAT)


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Tooth length 2,8 cm