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Hydra Pet Spa Senses Bliss Moisturizing Serum - 120 ml

€ 10.06 (€ 7.92 + VAT)
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  • For all cat and dog breeds and coat types, but especially suited for damaged ones.
  • Recommended for pets older than 4 weeks.
  • Contents: 120 ml
120 ml
€ 10.06 (€ 7.92 + VAT)


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Indulge your furry friends in a remarkable wellness experience with the revolutionary Hydra Pet Spa Senses Bliss line. This professional product line, designed to be purchased as a set, provides all the essential nutrients required to maintain a beautiful, fresh, and healthy coat. With the careful selection of five products, their hair will feel irresistibly soft and look noticeably healthier.

The Hydra Pet Spa Senses Bliss Serum, perfect for individuals with show dogs, breeders, and groomers who aim to offer exceptional professional products, is an indispensable addition to your grooming routine. This serum ensures that you can prolong the spa treatment performed by your groomer at home. Enriched with extracts of coconut water, it provides a nourishing and refreshing effect. The lipoprotein-based formula effectively moisturizes and restores the hair, resulting in a super shiny and soft coat. Additionally, this serum reduces frizz, making brushing and detangling a breeze while removing knots with ease.

To enhance the experience, the delightful Bliss fragrance stimulates the senses and leaves your four-legged friends smelling fresh for an extended period. Embrace the delightful coconut scent and welcome the essence of summer!

Specially designed to professionally condition the coat at home, it is enriched with active ingredients that refresh, moisturize, shine, and soften the coat. The serum facilitates brushing, detangling, and provides a frizz-free finish. Each bottle contains 120 ml of this remarkable product. It is formulated for use on cats and dogs of all breeds and coat types.

Water/Aqua, Fragrance, Lipoprotein Complex, Preservatives, Cocos nucifera Extract, Polyquaternium-47.