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Needle comb (18,5 cm) - 2 cm tooth length - black

€ 14.71 (€ 11.58 + VAT)
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The style comb is ideal for making bobbits and various creative shapes, but can also be used to help shape paws and to check and untie small knots. This 18.5 cm comb has a brass back with 45 chrome-plated teeth. The teeth are 2 cm long and 2 mm apart.

  • Material: aluminium handle, stainless steel teeth
  • Size: 18,5 cm, teeth: 2 cm
  • Weight: 13g
  • Colour: black, purple, navy blue, pink, red, light blue, gold
€ 14.71 (€ 11.58 + VAT)


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Tooth length 2,8 cm