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HOLLY Super lightweight curved dog grooming scissors, blue 6,5” (17 cm - Jargem

€ 79.72 (€ 62.77 + VAT)
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  • Material: Japanese 440C stainless steel blade and aluminium shaft
  • Hardness: 60.5~61.5 HRC
  • Size : 6.5" (17 cm) - cutting edge length: 9 cm
  • Handle : symmetrical
  • Blades: curved
  • Screw : flat screw
  • Colour: pale pink, red, blue, gold, green, purple
  • Finger rest: unscrewable, double-sided
  • Removable soft constricting finger ring
  • Weight: 30 g
€ 79.72 (€ 62.77 + VAT)
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Jargem HOLLY is an extremely light and precise curved dog grooming scissors, which is the perfect choice for small and medium sized dogs, especially for small curved surfaces on the body such as: bits, paws, legs, etc. Thanks to the combination of aluminium and steel materials, the scissors are extremely light and have become a popular scissor type in Asian style cosmetics. The scissor razor has a sharp, highly curved blade that allows you to achieve the desired shape and cut line precisely. The blade is made of high quality and durable Japanese 440C steel with a hardness of 60.5-61.5 HRC. This type of steel is the strongest steel, which with more carbon and proper heat treatment, allows for a life span 3-5 times longer than conventional steel scissors, so that significantly less sharpening is required. 

Thanks to the symmetrical aluminium handles, the scissors weigh only 30 g, are very practical and fit perfectly in the hand. It is equipped with colourful, removable, soft rubber grips and double-sided, detachable finger grips for added user comfort. The scissor handles have a powder coated matt finish and are available in 6 different colours. Suitable for beginners and professionals alike. It is sent packaged in a stylish cardboard box with magnetic closure to protect the product.


Edge type Curved